Devin richter

Devin Richter is the Photo Editor at Colorado Collective as well as Owner & Lead Photographer of Sun Chaser Studios in Colorado Springs. He has been producing unique photo shoots and appointing photographers for different local projects for 8 years. Devin has won numerous awards for his photography and design both locally and national. He currently resides in Colorado Springs,CO and enjoys traveling and sharing the gems of our community with others through photography.


Jordan witteveen

Jordan Witteveen is a full-time mama, writer, and outdoor educator.  She has loved words since near birth.  A few reasons: the sounds of words, their abstract quality to which we assign meaning, their development across cultures and time, their way of expressing the levels of human emotion and intimacy between us all, and their ability to convey illustrative images and ideas to express moments that have happened or perhaps one day will.  The art of memoir is her particular favorite compilation of words, being complete with the tough and beautiful of reality creatively expressed through narrative.  Her hope is that through the telling of some, the rest of us will find freedom to create and live the stories we love.  


Kristian depue

Kristian DePue was born and raised in rural Indiana, and has worked as a contributing writer for various publications. In addition to writing, he enjoys travel, acting, and watching films. He currently resides in Colorado Springs and is thrilled by the growing artisan culture he is surrounded by. When not storytelling, he can often be found in a speakeasy, distillery, or craft cocktail lounge. 


lindsey nubern

Lindsey Nubern is a travel author and photographer. You'll find her in Colorado part time and traveling with her husband part time in their camper. Follow their journey at NuventureTravels.com


meegan dobson

Meegan is a portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Colorado Springs. She is a big fan of sunshine,  mountains, and road trips. Meegan loves taking portraits of people that are unposed and genuine and is always listening to podcasts and Texas country music.  


David Cumming

David is a freelance photographer, writer, and videographer with experience in journalism, commercial and outdoor industries.  He owns his own business, Outer Woods Media, which primarily focuses on photography, videography and journalism projects in and out of state. He has worked for editorial publications like Vice/Motherboard, Budget Travel and various outdoor brands in Colorado.